Video of ultra-gentle RenovaCare SkinGun™ sprayer

*RenovaCare products are currently in development. They are not available for sale in the United States. There is no assurance that the company’s planned or filed submissions to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, if any, will be accepted or cleared by the FDA. About RenovaCare RenovaCare, Inc. is developing first-of-their-kind autologous (self-donated) stem cell…

Latest Test Results Bolster RenovaCare Strategy to Spray Stem Cells on Wounds and Burns for Rapid Healing

RenovaCare, Inc., today announced positive spray test results demonstrating that its novel SkinGun™ technology achieves exceptionally-uniform distribution of fluids with 200 times greater coverage than conventional methods. These outcomes are especially promising to scientists developing patented RenovaCare CellMist™ and SkinGun™ technologies* for spraying fluids containing a patient’s own stem cells onto burns and wounds for rapid scar-free healing.