Drew Danielson
Director of Operations


Mr. Danielson comes to RenovaCare with over 15 years experience in research administration and development operations. He has overseen combined research portfolios of over $15 million, and has coordinated successful research projects involving up to 25 investigators.

Mr. Danielson’s research administration experience has been developed in world-class programs, including Carnegie Mellon University’s Electrical & Computer Engineering department, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at University of California, Berkeley, and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. He has experience coordinating business operations in a diverse portfolio of research topics, including microsystems design, electrical systems theory, computational chemistry and molecular modeling, carbon capture and sequestration, polymer-based battery technology, organic catalysis, plasma medicine, sickle cell disease, molecular oncology, and a variety of drug trials.

Additionally Mr. Danielson has several years experience in a leading sales environment, including as chief operations administrator in the Planned Giving fundraising team at UC Berkeley, where he provided logistical support to the entire Berkeley fundraising community.

Mr. Danielson completed his BA in Comparative Literature at Penn State in 1993, and later attended coursework in Sociolinguistics, German, and Arts Management as an independent student at Carnegie Mellon University.