Jatinder ‘Jay’ S. Bhogal


Mr. Jay S. Bhogal is a serial entrepreneur with specific expertise in the early advancement of new technologies, including regenerative medicine and biotechnology ventures.

He brings over 20 years of experience in identifying and developing tactical intellectual property, building lean high-output operating teams, and forging research and product development alliances with government agencies, universities, and companies.

Early on, Mr. Bhogal worked closely with the inventor of the SkinGun technology prior to its acquisition by RenovaCare, and today supports the company’s regulatory, product development, and business efforts.

He is credited with having assembled many of the company’s advisors, operational team members, and strategic industrial partnership opportunities by way of his extended industry network and relationships.

On the product development front, he has led the RenovaCare program for expansion of its product pipeline, associated clinical indications, and geographic reach.

Mr. Bhogal has also been instrumental to the development of a low-cost point-of-use medical device sterilization invention currently used by RenovaCare. This innovation lowers the cost of sterilizing the SkinGun (prior to each use) and allows for hospitals, clinics, and outpatient surgical providers to immediately make use of the device without the need for expensive plasma sterilization equipment. Mr. Bhogal is co-inventor of record.

Mr. Bhogal has served RenovaCare in numerous capacities since first joining as Strategic Advisor from 2012 – 2018, and Chief Operating Officer from 2018 – 2020.

He currently serves as Advisor to the President of RenovaCare.