Kenneth Kirkland, MS, PhD


Dr. Kenneth Kirkland brings to RenovaCare’s Board of Directors a focused, pragmatic approach to negotiation and evaluation of the commercial potential of new technologies and prospective acquisition targets. He is able to work effectively with commercial companies and academic institutions in bringing new products and technologies to market.

Dr. Kirkland has over 20 years of senior management experience in the agricultural chemical industry with Sandoz and American Cyanamid Company, both in the U.S. and overseas.

While with American Cyanamid, Dr. Kirkland identified the properties of a new herbicide and aggressively pushed it through the development process where it became a major product for the company. He was also active in acquiring new products and technologies.

Dr. Kirkland’s latest appointment was with Iowa State University as Executive Director of the Research Foundation and Director of the Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer. While there, he was successful in increasing the licensing of University technologies to companies whereby the University achieved the number one ranking among U.S. universities in the number of licenses executed. Dr. Kirkland also spearheaded successful litigation against infringers of the Research Foundation’s intellectual property resulting in total settlements of $20 million.

Following completion of his undergraduate studies in the U.K., Dr. Kirkland obtained MS and PhD degrees in Agronomic Crop Science from Oregon State University.